The 7-Figure Speakeasy

An underground mastermind for interior designers who desire volumes of growth that feel illegal.


As seen in:


You thought it was just a trip to the library...

Thumbing through volumes of classic mysteries, enjoying a day to yourself. You put one book back on the large, adorned bookshelf when the wood shakes delicately. What?

You push a little harder. It’s a door. Traci never said anything about this. You open it. Heart racing with nerves and excitement. A staircase. It’s dark, but the glow of strategic candles allows you to see each concrete step.

At the bottom you see a deep green velvet curtain. On the other side there’s laughter. A woman steps out from behind. Password. In that moment, you catch a glimpse of the inside. A speakeasy.

Intimate conversation between scaling designers. Billion dollar ideas being crafted on cocktail napkins.

All within 10 feet of you.



of hand-selected designers who dare to ask for the password


You desire bigger. A design firm that’s synonymous with home daydreams. Millions of dollars entering your bank account with ease, making way for a powerhouse team to grow your vision for generations. An elevated conversation. One that goes there.

That’s what happens when you’re in the room with women who normalize and expand into everything you’ve been nervous to ideate about.

This is no longer about you

The 7-Figure Speakeasy crafts an interior design business that can stand on her own.

The 7-Figure Speakeasy

crafts an interior design business that can stand on her own.

A team to support her seamlessly. Space for you to take time off.

Structures and systems that allow you to surpass that million dollar mark with ease. Memorable branding, expediting your constant presence in industry-wide conversations.

This vision is bigger than some time off, more money, and better clients.

You’re past that.

We’re at the part where your power transcends what’s realistic and moves into what’s characteristic of your greatness as a CEO.

You’re not here for a syllabus. Custom conversations on what you need to move your needle.

Here are some of the topics we’ll be covering in The 7-Figure Speakeasy:

  • Leading a Team
  • Creating a Wealth Mindset
  • Passive (Scalable) Income
  • A Profit Audit
  • Defining Goals
  • Furnishings and Wholesale
  • Moving Into Real Estate
  • Legal and Contacts
  • Creating Financial Freedom
  • Stepping Away from the Day-to-Day
  • Selling Your Business

During our recent session, Traci uncovered a new business path for me—something I’d never even considered. She helped me see where I excel and identified a way for me to capitalize on my strengths. She was tireless in giving me concrete ideas and a plan to move forward.

Traci can see big picture concepts that veteran designers may overlook while bogged down in the minutiae of day-to-day design. She’s an expert interior designer and a gifted coach. I wholeheartedly recommend Traci’s mentorship to anyone in the interior design industry.

-Kristin Hopper, Founder and Principle Designer, Kristi Hopper Designs


the 7-Figure Speakeasy

A 1-Year Mastermind

Surround yourself with strong women design CEOs in an intimate room, to expand yourself with were-secret ideas and strategies.

The RETREAT: After-Hours Assembly

Friendship not just connections. This in-person retreat seals the bond with the women who will be supporting you in the years to come.

An Intimate, Powerful Community

With both a private community and direct access to the group via voxer, your group of women is here for you through every question, worry, and breakthrough.

3 1:1 VIP Sessions

1-hour sessions allow us to go deep into your unique design business model, track your progress, create you-specific shifts, and accelerate your sustainable scaling speed.

Access to Finance and Operations Coaching

Because to scale you need a strong grasp on where your money is going and a tight-hold on the day-to-day systems that let you step out of the day-to-day doing.

2 Live Group Sessions Per Month

Get your questions answered live and create aha moments through group coaching. We go into the big picture and nitty gritty of how you’re going to get to where you want to go. Cocktail sipping is welcome, obviously.

Access to The Confidential

Volumes of designer-specific business content filled with strategies, shifts, and steps to reach your highest goals sustainably.

Voxer Office Hours

For when you need your questions answered quickly. 

Shift from ‘How’ to ‘Why’

Actionable tips. What worked for me.

Those conversations are great. They’re important. But they’re not for you. You’re here for industry secret strategies that will propel you into that high-level firm you’ve always wanted to craft.

You’re beyond the mentality of change one thing to hit your next goal. Your next goal is looking at you, a small smirk in her eyes, saying create me. You’re holding the baton, leading from a place of ‘why.’ Being unapologetic about what you want. The money that comes with it. Whispering your ‘why’ in the mirror then doing it. Living it.

No more mini goals.
The prize is in the what you really want.


7-Figure Speakeasy?

She is:

Sophisticated, but never snobby
✦ Making or over $1 million dollars in yearly revenue
Actively looking to create a newer, more scalable, product line
Ready to step out of her daily role of ‘doer’ and into her new role of visionary
Craving a design firm that is only 1 part of her, allowing herself to dream bigger and leave a legacy for generations to come



With each expansive shift, you will:

Create multi-million dollar years and empower an internal voice that says, this wealth is normal for a successful designer like you and will be celebrated

Scale your business in a way that gives you freedom, rest, and ease, making hustle a thing of the distant past

Confidently step into a brand that speaks volumes in every household where your design firm’s name is the collective dream between everyone who lives in that house

Step away from the day-to-day and into your CEO role, working with a powerhouse team and turning the business into a legacy

Find joy in the support and warmth in a community of women who are elevating the conversation, sipping their favorite cocktail, and approaching every move with sophisticated confidence.

Be in tune with your numbers, and make decisions that pull in global economic influences, reduce profit leaks, and consider revenue goals to add high-level logic to each move

Meet Traci

After launching her namesake design firm over 20 years ago in Dallas, Texas – Traci Connell took a moment to step back and deeply look at her firm. Accolades and the creative process are wonderful, but her real differentiated strength was in her ability to get strategic and scale the business side of her firm.

Because with her formal process, and proof from designers who have worked with her– she is the mentor who is all in on helping you transform your business and lifestyle.

The 7-Figure Speakeasy is her highest-touch program, reserved for design business owners who are hovering around the million dollar mark in revenue and want to create radical work-life balance, scale beyond their time, bring in multiple revenue streams, and leave a legacy.

Are you right for the speakeasy? Traci would love to be the cocktail-sipping catalyst behind your design firm empire that takes the industry by storm.


Elevate the conversation.
Replace connections with friendships.

Multi-million dollar design firms come from ease, not hustle. In this room, we’re changing the conversation from what you have to do + who you have to meet, to who you want to be and which collaborations will get you there faster.

We’re taking action from relentless confidence and CEO shifts, not actionable advice that was helpful when you were earlier on in your career. The women you meet here are your equals. Everyone is here together, growing something bigger than they ever thought they would ever become.

So come in, pour yourself a drink, it’s just starting to get good in here.

I’m doing a MUCH better job managing my cash flow calendar to make sure all my employees, my salary, and overhead is covered by design fees each month. I need to close out a minimum of 23k each month and we’ve been meeting the mark each time! I am scheduling meetings out into October now to fill up our pipeline. I know what’s coming in, whats being closed out and where each project sits in our pipeline. It’s been a total game changer!! The cash flow projection tool was a huge help!

-Heather Vercellino, Owner Verce Designs


about creating & dominating the interior design industry.


Normalize women soaring past the $10 million mark.


Because we’ve seen it happen enough times, we know it’s not only the future—it’s the now.


7-Figure Speakeasy


If your request is granted, you’ll have access to:

  • A 1-Year Mastermind
  • The RETREAT:  After-Hours Assembly
  • An Intimate, Powerful Community
  • 3 1:1 VIP Sessions
  • Access to Finance and Operations Experts
  • 2 Live Group Sessions Per Month
  • Full Access to The Confidential Program 
  • Voxer Office Hours


If accepted, the investment is $28,000 for the year.