A Secret Business Club & Mastermind
Reserved for 7-Figure Design CEOs

By Nationally Published
Interior Designer
and Business Coach

Traci Connell - CEO, Traci Connell Interiors


As seen in:


Posh Spaces. Secret passwords.
Brilliant Business Ideas Scribbled on Cocktail Napkins.

Inspired by the fascinating secret gathering spots of the 1920s, The Speakeasy is serving up the business secrets every Million Dollar Design CEO needs for the ultimate business cocktail.


🍸 One Part Financial Freedom - Skyrocket revenues and profits.
🍸 One Part Lifestyle Freedom - Step out of the day-to-day.
🍸 A Dash of Prestige - Build name recognition in the media.
🍸 Garnish with Meaningful Business Friendships - Get connected.



has imagined their own professional dream life. 


Breezing through showrooms
Flying to fun events
A team of designers who bring your visions to life
Wealth flowing in
Phone calls from excited ideal clients
Media coverage in glossy magazines


So, why is reality so much different?

There are a few things they don’t teach you in interior design school, and super-successful designers have had nowhere to go to fill in those knowledge gaps - until now.

For example, did you know that some of the world’s most recognized interior designers are struggling financially and barely getting by? Operating their businesses day-to-day feels like chaos.
Things get missed. Mistakes are made.


If you think about it, they’re really no different from you,
and the problems you have now just get worse when you grow.

As a Million-Dollar Design CEO,

you have achieved what the vast majority of designers dream about - crossing the 7-figure mark in your design business, and you deserve so much acknowledgment for that.


Of course, that doesn’t mean you have it all figured out.

At The Speakeasy, we’re here to help you learn
what very few designers ever learn, like how to:

Here are some of the topics we’ll be covering in The 7-Figure Speakeasy:

 ✨ Step out of the day-to-day operations and reclaim work-life balance.

✨ Turn chaos into calm and make your entire business run like clockwork.

✨ Scale to millions, take home $1M+ for yourself, and still have cash confidence in the business as it grows.

✨ Build wealth that lasts beyond your lifetime and continues to multiply, even when you aren’t working.


✨ Become recognizable in your industry, achieve celebrity status, and see your name splashed across all the best design magazines.

There are a ton of design mentors teaching the basics but I don’t see many speaking to the core principles of scaling to millions.

Once you’ve got strong design skills and 7-figures in revenue under your belt, you need an elevated conversation where you learn how to become a CEO who’s NOT doing the following:

🚫 Buried in the day-to-day operations

🚫 Putting out fires and answering questions from designers and vendors all day long

🚫 Avoiding your numbers because you really don’t understand them

🚫 Leaking money and profits everywhere

🚫 Leaving valuable margins on the table

🚫 Stuck with only one or two revenue streams

🚫 STILL in the “client scarcity” trap, waiting on your next client deal to close (fingers crossed)

🚫 Missing out on valuable PR and visibility because you’re too in the weeds to capitalize on all the opportunities that come your way


During our recent session, Traci uncovered a new business path for me—something I’d never even considered. She helped me see where I excel and identified a way for me to capitalize on my strengths. She was tireless in giving me concrete ideas and a plan to move forward.

Traci can see big picture concepts that veteran designers may overlook while bogged down in the minutiae of day-to-day design. She’s an expert interior designer and a gifted coach. I wholeheartedly recommend Traci’s mentorship to anyone in the interior design industry.

-Kristin Hopper, Founder and Principle Designer, Kristi Hopper Designs


I didn’t know any of this when I got started.


That’s why I created The Speakeasy, a discreet, private club for Million-Dollar Design CEOs to ask the hard questions, feel supported, and get every industry secret, process, and system they need to achieve their multiple 7-figure goals while prioritizing their lifestyle, family, and peace of mind. After all, what good is success if you have to work 24/7 to achieve it and you miss out on all the fun that life has to offer?

In case you don’t know my story, I was one of the interior designers who HAD to make money.

I’m Traci Connell, CEO of a $4.5M design firm, Traci Connell Interiors. (I can’t even believe I’m saying that!)

When I started my design business from my kitchen table as a single mom with 3 kids, I didn’t care about publicity or fame. I had to make real money to put food on the table for my children.

These days, I see so many talented designers working their butts off for the glamor and fame with too little take-home pay to show for it. That’s why my entire brand at The Gloss is about showing you how to get both - more prestige and way more profit - because I believe designers need and deserve elevated cash flow to make their homes & communities thrive. After all, you can’t pay the bills with caché.

The Speakeasy is filled with real designers who are growing strategically, so they make more revenue, keep more profit, and have more life to live with their families and friends. We come together to support one another and to share the secrets that have been kept hidden for too long… because here’s the truth: there’s more than enough room at the top for all of us.

And we’re going straight to the top together.
Welcome to The Speakeasy.






The Speakeasy is specifically created for designers who have crossed the 7-figure revenue mark. If you’re close or projected to achieve 7-figures this year, let’s talk.


You’re not here for a syllabus. You need 5 distinct skills
to scale to millions while enjoying a great quality of life.




PILLAR 1: Freedom on Tap - TEAM

Step Out of the Day-to-Day Operations & Reclaim Work-Life Balance. - Get your designers to do 95% of the work without losing creative control.


PILLAR 2: “The Painkiller” - OPERATIONS

Turn Chaos into Calm & Streamline Your Operations. - Implement the simple systems that amplify productivity and make your entire business run like clockwork.


PILLAR 3: Liquid Courage - FINANCE

Skyrocket Your Profits & Make Money Your Second Language. - Stop avoiding your numbers and discover the freedom that comes with validating your pricing, mastering your finances, and finally having cash confidence.



Create Multiple Streams of Revenue & Build Your Wealth. - Leverage your interior design skills to add new products, services, & investments to your financial portfolio for accelerated prosperity.


PILLAR 5: Rumor Has It - PRESS

Attract More Ideal Clients & Position Your Brand for Celebrity Status. - Elevate your online presence, master PR, and fine-tune your marketing to exit the trap of “client scarcity,” tap into a consistent flow of dream clients, and become a recognizable name in your industry.


the Speakeasy

A 1-Year Mastermind

Surround yourself with strong Million Dollar Design CEOs in an intimate room to expand yourself with the ideas and strategies no one else is sharing.

The RETREAT: An In Person Event for Members Only

In The Speakeasy, you’ll make friendships, not just connections. The in-person retreat is not only better for laying down strategy in your business. It also seals the bond with the designers who will be supporting you in the years to come.

An Intimate, Powerful Community Group

With both a private community and direct access to the group via Facebook, the designers in The Speakeasy will be gathered together and connecting throughout the year, sharing insights, resources, and opportunities for collaboration.

Private 1:1 VIP Sessions

1-hour sessions with Traci make space for going deep into your unique business model, tracking your progress, making key business decisions, and accelerating your business growth.

Twice a Month Group Coaching Sessions

Get business guidance week after week in these small group sessions. We go into both the big picture and the nitty-gritty of how you’re going to get to where you want to go. Cocktail sipping is welcome. Each designer who’s present will be able to ask questions.

Access to The Confidential Vault

Get volumes of designer-specific business content complete with my step-by-step training videos, templates, and processes to reach your highest goals sustainably. All the materials and recordings provided to members of The Confidential will be yours as well.

Private Daily Voxer Office Hours (M-F)

Voxer is a virtual communication app where you can leave text and voice messages. You’ll use this private channel to communicate with Traci when you need your questions answered “ASAP,” and she will answer you during the next business day. 

Access to Additional Administrative Support

During implementation and in between calls, you may have logistical questions that need to be answered, and our team will be there to support you. We can answer your questions by email, phone, or text, where appropriate.


Here is what is included from 

The Confidential

Program Vault:


Pre-Work: Find $10K in 10 Days

Instead of finding $20 in your purse, let’s find $10,000 in your business that you didn’t know was there. This class shows you 10 ways to find $10K in revenue “hiding in your business” - in 10 days flat. Recoup the cost of your entire year of coaching in your first 10 days of the program.

24 Masterclasses

These trainings cover each topic required for you to elevate your firm’s prestige and scale to millions.


This special list of templates, tools, and resources will give you the step-by-step, fill-in-the-blank, copy-and-paste shortcuts to getting my systems up and running in your own business.


Goal Setting Worksheet
7 Figure Mindset Training
Revenue Forecasting Tool
Identifying Your Niche Exercise
Million-Dollar Growth Plan
Pitch Deck Presentation Template*
Find $10K in 10 Days PDF
Develop your Core Values, Mission and Vision Statements


Scope of Work- Fee Summary Worksheet
Interactive Product Budget worksheet
Design Fee Calculator
Margin Magnifier Exercise
Mark up vs Margin Comparison Chart
Profit Projection Template
Easy to Calculate Furnishings Budget
Verbiage Template on Stating Fee Structure
Gross Profit Margin Tool


Asana SOP System
No-Fail Customer Service Email Sequence
Project Timeline Samples (editable)
Closing Ratio Spreadsheet
Prospect Lead Form and Verbiage
Weekly Status Template for Clients
New Prospect Checklist
New Client Meeting Checklist
Staff Meeting Agenda
Client Referral Thank You Template
Org Chart Example and Template
Hiring Steps and Timeline
Job Responsibility List by Role
Hiring System with Interview Templates
Performance Review Scorecard
Enneagram Strength Finder


Magazine Pitch Template
Podcast Pitch Template
Killer Bio Sample
Testimonial Request Script
Six Ways to Uplevel Your Design
Design Competition Submission Template
Showhouse Submittal Process


Designers who are:

✦ Sophisticated, but never snobby
✦ Making $1M+ in annual revenue (or are very close)
✦ Actively looking to streamline, simplify, and scale their business model
✦ Ready to step out of the day-to-day operations and do the creative visionary design work, not the busy work
✦ Craving a design firm that provides the time and finances to go bigger, enjoy life more, and build wealth
✦ No longer willing to avoid the finances but instead, take the reins to run the design firm both responsibly and even more profitably
✦ Developing multiple streams of income, or at least beginning to plan for them
✦ Craving a design firm that provides the time and finances to go bigger, enjoy life more, and build wealth
✦ Wanting to exit the trap of “client scarcity” and tap into a consistent flow of dream clients
✦ Positioning the brand for celebrity status and becoming a recognizable name in your industry


With each expansive shift, you will:

Create multi-million dollar years and empower an internal voice that says,
this wealth is normal for a successful designer like you and will be celebrated.

Scale your business in a way that gives you freedom, rest, and ease,
making panic and mayhem a thing of the distant past.

Confidently step into a brand that speaks volumes
in every household where you leave your mark.

Step away from the day-to-day and into your role as CEO, working with
a powerhouse team and turning the business into a legacy.

Find joy in the support and warmth of a community of designers who are elevating
the conversation and approaching every move with sophisticated confidence.

Finally, know your numbers, and make financial decisions that pull in global
economic influences, reduce profit leaks, and achieve your revenue goals.

Meet Traci

After launching her namesake design firm over 20 years ago in Dallas, Texas – Traci Connell took a moment to step back and deeply look at her firm. Accolades and the creative process are wonderful but her real differentiated strength was in her ability to get strategic and scale the business side of her firm.

Traci has spent 20 years developing her proven processes for scale and has supported more than 50+ high-level designers who have worked with her directly to grow their firms. She is the mentor who is all in on helping you transform your business and lifestyle.

The Speakeasy is the program that offers the most support and direct coaching from Traci that money can buy. It’s reserved for design business owners who are hovering around the million-dollar mark in revenue and who want to create radical work-life balance, scale beyond their time, bring in multiple revenue streams, and leave a legacy.

Are you right for The Speakeasy? Traci would love to be the cocktail-sipping catalyst behind your design firm empire that takes the industry by storm.


Elevate the conversation.
Replace connections with friendships.

Multi-million dollar design firms that don’t require their CEOs to sacrifice work-life balance are built on
sound strategic and financial systems, not flying by the seat of your pants. In this room, we’re changing
the conversation to blend the glamorous touches with the rock-solid business techniques
that will get you everything you want faster and with less struggle.

We’re taking action from relentless confidence and CEO mindset, not cookie-cutter business training.
The designers you meet here are your colleagues. Everyone is here together,
growing something bigger than they ever thought possible.

So come on in. Pour yourself a drink. Things are about to get very good in here.



I’m doing a MUCH better job managing my cash flow calendar to make sure all my employees, my salary, and overhead is covered by design fees each month. I need to close out a minimum of 23k each month and we’ve been meeting the mark each time! I am scheduling meetings out into October now to fill up our pipeline. I know what’s coming in, whats being closed out and where each project sits in our pipeline. It’s been a total game changer!! The cash flow projection tool was a huge help!

-Heather Vercellino, Owner Verce Designs


Let’s normalize wealth among interior designers by doing the strategic things we need to do to get there - and make the journey just as rewarding
as the destination.

We have to simply start prioritizing
ourselves, our families, and our legacy.
The Speakeasy will show you how.


The Speakeasy


If your request is granted, you’ll have access to:

  • A 1-Year Mastermind
  • The Retreat: An In-Person Event for Members Only
  • An Intimate, Powerful Community
  • Private 1:1 VIP Sessions with Traci
  • Group Coaching Sessions Twice a Month
  • Full Access to The Confidential Vault
  • Private Daily Voxer Office Hours
  • Access to Additional Administrative Support

    If accepted, the investment is four $7,000 quarterly payments,
    or $25,000 if paid in full.